But let's take a closer look at the Rock Crystal :
"The first force of sound is the crystal of one's own heart".
Crystal Connexion Concept
Crystal Connexion Matière

Most of the crystals are silicates, coming from a magma rich in silicon. They are primarily composed of silicon dioxide. This is an essential element of our cells. These molecules are trace elements that our body needs to stay healthy.

We know that each of our cells has two quartz atoms. We have many minerals in our body, such as magnetite crystals, located in the inner ear and brain, which control balance and our sense of orientation.

The creation of each cell in the body begins with a molecule of silicon dioxide (quartz).

We can therefore notice the direct influence of crystals on the biological functioning of the cells:

- An exchange of trace elements that takes place through capillary action in the skin, via perspiration from the hand when you hold a stone.

- Vibratory emissions of the stone through its form of crystallization.

- A vibratory emission of the color of the mineral, which intervenes directly on the energy fields of the body and gives informations on its action.

- An emission of the weight and mass that the crystal constitutes in relation to the body mass that we represent: A stone of 20/30 g will only be able to set in motion a body mass of 50/80 kg during about fifteen minutes.

In order to create the necessary conditions for the creation of a mineral, the planet must combine an extremely large number of components. Also required is an ideal location in terms of geography, temperature, pressure and the best energy conjunction.

It is only under these conditions that crystals (over several million years) can grow. Crystals are quantum: the products made by the planet are by definition quantum, i.e. they are directly related to the space-time of the universes and are not inscribed in the belief of linear (watch) time. This limits the free circulation of our energies. It is the source of the premature aging of the human race, accompanied by fears, anxieties and belief systems that poison our daily lives.

There are two different approaches to crystal:

Matière Crystal Connexion

1. The therapeutic approach

The regularity of use will "teach" the body to get in phase with the frequency of the mineral and will give it back to the use of new automatisms that will eventually replace the use of minerals. The mineral will then become necessary only when a drop in diet or a significant event will make its use essential again.

2. The intuitive approach

Through it, you let your impulse direct you towards crystals and minerals that attract you, that you will want to touch, to experience or that shock you. In all cases, it is a "DEMAND" from your body that manifests "A VIBRATORY NEED" to which you have to respond because it will avoid more serious disturbances later on.


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